Billiard table "Club"

Бильярдный стол "Клубный" 9 футов
Размер игрового поля, футы: 
Размер игрового поля, метры: 
2,54 х 1,27
Кол-во ног стола, шт: 
Диаметр шара, мм: 
Размер помещения,м: 
5,74 х 4,47
85 714 ₴

The optimal combination of gaming quality and value.

The basis for the manufacture of the model lay technological development, successfully implemented in the production of reputable tables professional series.

The table can be made of solid ash, or made in the combined version of ash / pine. Fastening the legs provides high stability to the table. The system of floating nuts in the vertical fastening of the sides allows you to ideally attach the board to the plate. Thanks to this unique technology, the board and plate become a single monolith.

"Club" - a billiard table, the design of which has everything you need: the severity of lines and shapes, a wide color gamut. The frame is made of alder, the board is made of hard wood, which allows you to combine excellent playing qualities and an attractive price. billiard club.