Stickers for cue "ZAN"

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Stickers for cue "ZAN" (1pc)
429 ₴

Zan Cue Sticker

New (appearance in the markets of the world - the middle of 2013) sticker from Japan, from the already well-reputed manufacturer.

The ZAN sticker consists of nine layers of high-quality leather, the sticker diameter is 14 mm.

This label uses leather of two types of hardness / "Contact" (upper) part of the sticker has an average hardness. At the bottom of the sticker is used more rigid skin. This gives a denser strike, but reduces the likelihood of a “kick”.


recovery after deformation - like a sticker of high rigidity;
grip - like a sticker of medium hardness;
control is like a soft sticker.
Supplied in packs of 1.