Stickers for cue "KAMUI"

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Stickers for kaya "KAMUI" (1 pc)
429 ₴

Popular among professional players sticker "Kamui". She received a number of improvements specifically for the game in the Russian pyramid, where due to the greater weight of cues and balls, the sticker is experiencing much greater loads than in other types of billiards. The number of layers of leather is increased to 9, the production processes have been changed tanning, as well as increased the compressive strength of the stickers during pressing.

Distinctive features - a logo on the outside in the form of a pyramid and individual plastic packaging for each sticker to eliminate the impact of the external environment.

And by itself, stickers "Kamui" have all the traditional advantages of this brand:

Highest quality control;
Increased moisture resistance;
Minimum deformation during the game;
Stability - both the sticker itself in use (from beginning to end), and gaming qualities when replaced with the next one (you don’t have to spend time getting used to it).
Type: multilayer.

Hardness: hard, medium, soft, super soft.

Diameter: 13mm.

Available varieties: KAMUI M, KAMUI H, KAMUI S