Billiard cues

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For the present moment the company offers the best hand made cues for pool and Russian Pyramid. Depending on the type of the wood and complexity of production we produce a wide range of assortment of cues of different prices

 You can purchase a standard cue for Russian Pyramid – for the present moment it is

  • One-piece cue (two-point)  (price $123 )
  • Two-piece-two-point cue  (price $50)

and a two-piece pool cue (made in China)(price $27 ).

Standard cue sizes: 150-165cm, weight – 650 -750g.

As well as you can order a cue . (It is possible to produce a cue of the ordered length, weight and centre of gravity). Cost of such cue is determined with the material it is produced of (wood types) as well as texture and color of the shaft.
The front part of the butt of inexpensive cues is solid, but the front part of the butt of the higher quality cues can be made of several parts of different types of wood.
Usually it looks like some symmetrical teeth of the seam that connects the front and rear horizontal parts of the butt. Such zigzag patterns or teeth do not only decorate the horizontal butt, but also significantly improve its dynamic performance, due to absorption of shock and vibration..